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Rules & Regulations

Who is eligible to compete?

Who is Eligible to compete?

Contestants will compete in grade that they are in on pageant weekend.  

One overall winner per age division will be named, plus specific grade divisions.  For example, in the Jr. Teen age division, one overall winner will be named plus a 7th grade queen, 8th grade queen, and 9th grade queen.  This applies to all age divisions.

Beautiful Baby Divisions will be broken into 3 age divisions. There will be one winner in each division. 


Teen contestants must still be a high school senior.  If a contestant has graduated and attended at least one semester of college, the contestant should move up to the Miss division regardless of age.

Miss contestants should in college or college age; should be single, born female, never married, and not be a mother. Contestants that are married on have a child may compete in the Ms./Mrs Divisions. 

Contestants should serve as role models for their younger sister queens.  For this reason, all contestants should be of excellent moral character.  This includes but is not limited to Social Media accounts.


We want queens that this title will mean something to and will represent during their reign, however; our winners are welcome to compete in other pageant systems as often as they want.  We do not have a no compete clause. 


Makeup Rules

Contestants 0-3:   Makeup is not allowed in these divisions.

Contestants Pre-K through 4th grade light makeup is allowed.  This means powder, blush, mascara, and lip gloss.  No full glitz hair pieces or anything that is noticeably fake.  This includes long, fake lashes, or fake nails.  Tanning is okay as long as the spray tan looks natural. If it doesn't look natural, it is not allowed.

Contestants that are competing that are in the 5th grade and above: make up, pageant hair styles, and sparkle are allowed in these divisions! Judges will be looking for a naturally beautiful, confident, and well put together queen so be sure your hair and makeup enhances your natural beauty.

Weekend Rules

No photography is allowed in the ballroom.  All contestants  photos can be taken outside the ballroom. Absolutely NO photography in the dressing room.

Men or boys above toddler age are not allowed in our dressing area.  We understand that Dads can be a part of the pageant experience, so if the need arises, we can work with you on a place that you can get ready. 




We do our best to employ judges that are not from the competition area.  

We ask that contestants or contestants families do not approach our judging staff.  Judges are instructed not to exchange conversation with any pageant competitor until after the competition that the contestant is competing in has been crowned.

Scoresheets will be not be given at the event. They will be emailed. Some events will move quickly and may not have detailed notes; however, will have a meet and greet with the judges after all events to answer your questions.  All questions and communication should remain respectful.  Please remember that the outcome could be completely different with different judges, or even the same judges on a different day.


Dress Code for Crown & Banner:  We appreciate modest dress.  Although we expect our teens to be teens, we ask that no strapless shirts, tank tops, or mid drift tops are worn for appearances. No plunging necklines.  Skirts and shorts should be of modest length. 
Tattoos should be covered. Earrings may be worn; however, all other piercings should be removed when wearing crown and sash.


Dress Code

Code of Conduct

We are going to do our very best on pageant weekend to make your child feel like a princess!  We expect the same from each parent, contestant, family member, or our audience member.  In the unlikely event that this request is not honored, we do reserve the right to ask anyone to leave without refund, and to refuse any future entry based on conduct.  We are all in this together. 

"Children represent the future, encourage, support and guide them." 

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