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Required Competitions


Required Events

Pre-K through Collegiate:

  • Introduction

  • Formal Attire

  • Interview (no trick questions - the judges just want to get to know you)

Optional Competitions

Included in your Entry Fee:

  • Photogenic

  • Volunteer Service

  • Academic Award

  • Essay

  • Fan Favorite

  • Social Media Queen

Other Competitions

Completely Optional ($25 each to be held on Saturday, October 8.  These sides are NOT required and will be hosted by our reigning queens and court.

  • Talent

  • On-Stage Question

  • Fun Fashion (Sponsored event by Marc Defang)
  • Fitness

Formal Attire

Formal Wear/ Gown:  Contestants in 1st Grade and over will model a full-length pageant or prom gown of their choice. Contestants in Pre-School, Pre-K & K may wear short or long dresses. Judges will be looking for a naturally beautiful queen, with lots of grace, elegance, and lots of personality. 

Contestants fourth grade and under:  We are not a glitz pageant system. We are looking for a naturally polished queen. Makeup should be light for interview: Light makeup is allowed- blush, powder, mascara, and lip gloss. Contestants can wear makeup under the harsh stage light for on stage competitions. Judges will be made aware of these rules and deduct accordingly.

Contestants in fifth grade and over, make up, pageant hair styles, and sparkle are allowed in these divisions! Judges will be looking for a naturally beautiful, confident, and well put together queen. You do not need pageant experience to participate!


Opening Production

Casual Wear: Contestants 7th grade - Collegiate Miss will model a Marc Defang short outfit.  Contestants Pre-School - 6th grade may order the custom, Marc Defang dress, or may wear a pink outfit of their choosing.  Contestants Pre-School-6th grade that are appearing in the opening number will need the outfit.   Contestants may accessorize as they wish. 

Judges will be looking for a contestant that is naturally beautiful with lots of personality.  

To purchase your dress:

Personal Interview

Interview:  Contestants will meet with the judges for a panel-style interview.  There are no right or wrong questions.  No political or controversial questions will be asked. Judges are just trying to get to know you better. 

Contestants in the Teen and Miss divisions should upload a one-page resume (front only).  Please see an example under our backstage page.  

Attire:  Contestants wear their "pink" attire (Marc Defang shorts or pink outfit)

Fun Fashion

Casual Wear: Wear anything you want!  Judges will be looking for a contestant that is naturally beautiful with lots of personality.   You will model in runway style.  This is a sponsored event by Marc Defang.


Spokesmodel: Our favorite competition!  Contestants will answer a question on stage after our evening gown competition.  One winner will be named in the overall division as well as a grade level queen.  This event is completely  optional in all divisions, and the audience will not know that you get to CHOOSE your question.  :)

Miss Photogenic

Photogenic:  Contestants should bring  one photo to check in - 8 by 10 in size.  This photo can be black & white or color.    No frames please.



We take pride in offering an amazing prize package.   Every contestant will be recognized on stage with at least crown, sash, and trophy.  Please join us!

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