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Who May Compete 

Contestants will compete in the age group that they qualify for as of January 1 of the competition year.  If the contestant has a birthdate between January 1 and the date of the actual competition, she/he may move up a competition division.

One overall winner per age session will be named, plus  specific age winners.  For example, in the5-6 year old age group, one overall winner will be named (more depending on number of contestants) plus a 6-year-old queen and court, a and a 6-year-old queen and court.  This applies to all age divisions.

Beautiful Baby Divisions will compete in beauty only and will be broken into 6-month divisions for age-division queens instead of one-year divisions.

Teen contestants must still be a high school senior.  If she has graduated and attended at least one semester of college,  she should move up to the Miss competition regardless of age.

We are an inclusive pageant system, however; contestants that have been married or had children are at a different maturity level than a Teen or Miss contestant.  For this reason, all contestants in the Teen and Miss division must be single with no children.  Contestants that do not meet this criteria may compete in the Ms. Division.

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