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UPDATES TO HANDBOOK. This is the final update to the pageant handbook. We currently moved around times to accommodate 197 contestants that have turned in photos; and 214 overall contestants, and to accommodate our hair/makeup vendors. There will be three pageant sessions.

10 AM for contestants Pre-School-1st Grades 1:30 PM for contestants 2nd-6th Grades & Special Princesses 5:30 PM for contestants 7th Grade and Up

Page 7 - Interview is now optional for contestants Pre-School-1st Grades. Those that want to compete can, but will need to do so on Saturday during the scheduled time.

Page 8 - Optional no cost competitions - should be submitted on the website by October 1 to allow time for judging. These will NOT be brought to registration to allow registration to flow smoothly.

Page 13 - Schedule. Added a THIRD session to allow for a better pageant experience for contestants. Page 14 - Pageant deadlines - extended to purchase tickets for the Pretty in Pink dinner until September 22 since we still do not have exact pricing. Added October 1st as the deadline for ALL side competitions to allow judges time to choose their winners.

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